infertility management training

Infertility Management Training

“Duration of the course- 10 Days ”

Course Objective

Infertility Management Training course gives an in-depth understanding of all aspects of an In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle, from pre-treatment evaluation and investigating to the entire treatment path, and into planning for future cycles. It aims to cover the fundamentals of IVF procedure and the basics of setting up an IVF lab. It also explores the ethical and economic implications of treatment today.

Module Name
1 Basic of Endoscopic Surgery, Instrumentation & electrocoagulation
2 Setting up of a Laparoscopy Unit
3 Sterilization and Maintenance of Instruments & Equipments
4 Documentation, storage of data and presentation
5 Role of Endoscopy in Infertility
6 Troubleshooting & Complication in endoscopic surgery
7 To know the indications, contraindications & limitations of Laparoscopic surgery
8 Infertility history taking
9 Anaesthesia in endoscopy
10 Live demonstration of operative laparoscopy for various procedures like Fibroids, Ovarian tumours, Pelvic adhesions, Endometriosis, etc
11 Fertilization check
12 Embryo culture
14 Embryo scoring
15 Embryo donation
16 Tubal factor review
17 Hysteroscopy
18 Set up of IUI and IVF lab
19 Visit to the embryology lab
20 Consent forms & documentation
21 Preparation of dishes for IVF cases
22 Observing IVF procedures
23 Oocyte retrieval
24 Oocyte assessment
25 Frozen Embryo Transfer
26 Sperm preparation for IVF
27 Understanding IVF failures
28 Egg donation
29 Surrogacy
Module Name
30 Patient examination
31 Patient selection criteria
32 Patient counseling
33 Introduction to ovulation
34 Endocrinology of ovulation
35 Stimulation protocols for IUI/IVF
36 USG in infertility
37 IUI laboratory procedures
38 IUI laboratory equipments
39 Freezing protocols for semen
40 Embryo loading
41 Embryo cleavage-stage
42 Cryopreservation
43 Embryo Thawing
44 Blastocyst Vitrification & Thawing
45 Embryo Transfer TESA/ MESA / PESA
46 Recordkeeping / Data managing
47 Live demonstration of operative hysteroscopy for submucous myomas, polyps, intrauterine adhesions, uterine septa, cornual cannulation etc
48 Technique of Endo suturing
49 Training on Pelvic trainers
50 Infertility - Workup
51 Equipments and supplies used in an IVF laboratory
52 Pre IVF&ICSI investigations
53 Various ovarian stimulation protocols (COHS)
54 Performing transvaginal ultrasonography/follicular monitoring
55 Management of OHSS and oocyte retrieval (pick-up)
56 Micromanipulators: components and mechanics
57 Tailoring protocols as per patient needs
58 Adjuvant drugs used in ART

Aim of the course

  • Program help provides basic and advanced IVF training.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of counseling, diagnosing, and treating infertility patients to deliver the best results.

  • Help build a lot of confidence in the fertility specialists.

  • Gives an in-depth understanding of the complete ART process.