hands on advanced

Hands on Advanced Assisted Reproduction Techniques Training

“Duration of the course- 1 Month”

Course Objective

This course provides a one-to-one comprehensive training in the clinical management of highly complex techniques in a Laboratory and Laboratory practices of IVF and ICSI. It will develop knowledge and skills in all aspects of micromanipulation for ICSI. Successive sessions of lectures and hands-on training are provided by expert supervision. The syllabus also covers the following areas:

Module Theory
1 Basic anatomy and physiology of the male and female reproductive system
2 Introduction & history of IVF
3 Indications for IVF
4 Applied Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Pathology of the male and female reproductive system
5 Endocrinology of the reproductive system
6 Ultra-sonography in reproductive medicine
7 Endoscopic surgery, both Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy
8 Diagnosis of male and female infertility
9 Sperm counting
10 Semen processing for IUI/IVF/ICSI/retrieved sperm
11 Hands-on IUI
12 Cryopreservation of sperm & embryo & eggs
14 Thawing - sperm banking
15 Setting up of IVF Lab
16 Approaches to ovarian stimulation in patients with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)
17 Ovum Pickup Observation
18 Catheter loading for IUI and embryo transfer
19 Reduction of multiple pregnancies, Single embryo transfer
20 Ovulation Induction & Stimulation Protocols
21 Follicle Monitoring
22 Research Methodology
23 Writing and presenting a paper
24 Safety issue in ART including OHSS and multiple pregnancies
25 Basic Embryology
26 Exposure to Laboratory techniques in ART
27 Selecting ideal protocol
28 Trained to identify OCC
29 How to do ET, embryo loading experience, freezing, thawing & vitrification process
Module Theory
30 OPD
31 How to take the history, which investigations why, how to convince patient for IVF/ICSI, cost-effective IVF will be trained on patients, and with patients, patient counseling-in failed case
32 Stress management for couples undergoing ART
33 Prevention and management of OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome)
34 Types of media, media handling, aliquoting, and subsequent storage
35 Embryo transfer techniques
36 Oocyte donation and surrogacy
37 Ovum pick up and Embryo transfer
38 Male infertility and female infertility investigations
39 Semen Analysis & Preparation
40 Medical statistics
41 Ovulation Induction
42 Monitoring of Ovulation
43 Intrauterine insemination
44 Controlled Ovarian Stimulation
45 Hands-on experience with ovum pick up
46 Experience to handle unfertile embryos
47 Infertility related USG
48 Ovulation, COH monitoring, Color Doppler, Pulse Doppler studying, early pregnancy, Targeted USG, Color Doppler
49 Luteal phase support
50 Counseling infertile patients for various ART procedures
51 Oocyte and embryo handling transfer between the droplets and dishes
52 Approaches of recurrent implantation failures
53 Regulatory and ethical issues in ART today

Aim of the course

  • To provides customized training in the clinical management and laboratory practices of IVF and ICSI.

  • Enable the candidate to handle the state-of-art equipment

  • Indications, contraindication, complications of different techniques of ART