embryology training

Embryology Training

“Duration of the course- 10 Days ”

Course Objective

Complete Embryology training provides a detailed overview and complete insight into the pre-requisites and techniques of all aspects of the ART laboratory, including the set-up of laboratory, functioning and running of the laboratory, specific procedures, and quality control and ensures the highest possible success rates in an IVF program.

Module Name
1 Complete Semen analysis(according to WHO criteria) and sperm preparation for IUI
2 Culture media
3 Handling of oocyte under stereo zoom microscope and insemination with sperms
4 Denuding eggs
5 Single culture and group culture
6 Embryo transfer techniques
7 I.C.S.I dish preparation
8 Advice regarding setting up of IUI and IVF lab
9 Sperm Freezing & Embryo freezing
11 Testicular Biopsy
12 IVF Lab. Basics
13 Preparation of culture dishes for IVF and ICSI (with and without oil overlay)
Module Name
14 Sterile lab techniques
15 Day 3 and Day 5 embryo transfers
16 Setting up of an inverted microscope and micromanipulator system for performing ICSI
17 Doing microinjection (hands-on training IVF and ICSI)
18 Vitrification using cryloop and cryotop method
20 Doing microinjection (IVF- ICSI hands-on)
21 Embryo transfer techniques
22 Sperm Freezing
23 Pronuclear stage observation
24 Sperm preparation for I.V.F & I.C.S.I
25 Embryo freezing( 2PN& cell stage) Vitrification of oocyte and Embryos (Cryoloop and Medicult Cryoleaf Method)

Aim of the course

  • An understanding of the basics of the IVF process.

  • Helps one to gain knowledge on different types of culture media and culture conditions

  • Knowledge of the practical aspects of IVF, ICSI, sperm analysis, and vitrification process.

  • One gets a better understanding of the basic biological principles behind these procedures.