Dr.Vidya Sinha
Specialization - Senior Infertility Consultant Specialised in IVF/ICSI/IUI
Department - IVF
Location -
Number of years of expertise : Years of Experience
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Education and fellowships

Dr. Vidya Sinha is working as senior infertility consultant specialised in IVF/ICSI/IUI. She has a experience of more than 10 years in obstetric and gynaecology, and treated more than 1000 infertility couples successfully with her exceptional protocols. She has worked in reputed ivf hospitals thoughout the country such as Indira IVF centre Lucknow, and vardan infertility and research centre, Jalandhar.

Awards & Honors (If any)

She is known for her loving nature also, which provides her patients the required concern in addition to the best medical care.
she took her training in IVF /ART from the legend of IVF, Dr.B N chakrawarty,at institute of reproductive medicines (IRM), Kolkata. She took exclusive diploma in ultrasound, from Gandhi institute of imaging, Delhi.
She got trained in hysteroscopy and laproscopy from Sir PG Paul, kochi and from Dr. Akhil Saxena,tulip hospital sonepath.
She aims to remove the stigma of infertility from her place, for which she has been to villages to spread the message and also appeared on many national and regional TV channels to bring awareness in society. Her aim is to bring smile onto the face of every couple coming to her, and many smiles are already collected in her bag.