Donor programme


Some couples are not able to achieve pregnancy naturally or with fertility treatment and require a third party reproduction or donor programme. The donor programme assists these couples (recipients) by offering donor sperm, eggs, or embryos.

Sperm Donation:

Couples with male factor infertility, genetic diseases, or other medical conditions may require donor eggs for conception. Donor eggs are screened for any abnormality or diseases, the sample is prepared and it can be used in IUI or IVF treatment.

Egg Donation:

A woman may require egg donation if she has no ovaries, low ovarian reserve, poor egg quality, genetic diseases, or others. The egg donation program is aimed to help couples with donor eggs by a woman (physically and psychologically healthy) to achieve conception. The procedure involves the collection of an egg from a donor by a small surgical procedure, followed by fertilization in the laboratory (IVF) and finally transferring an embryo to the recipient’s uterus. The pregnancy test can be taken after two weeks.

Embryo Donation:

Embryo donors are couples who have completed their family and have extra frozen embryos that can be donated to couples in need. Both donors and embryos are screened and healthy embryo(s) will be thawed and transferred to the recipient’s uterus for conception.