IUI training

IUI (Intrauterine insemination) Training

“Duration of the course- 5 Days”

Course Objective

An ideal course for beginners and provides an insight into Andrology. It helps to understand sperm per se and sperm processing techniques for various art procedures.

Module Theory
1 Stimulation protocols and monitoring, semen preparation techniques, and insemination techniques
2 Overview of male and female infertility
3 Investigations related to infertility
4 Intrauterine insemination techniques
5 Method of collection and delivery of semen sample
6 Routine semen analysis
7 Microscopic examination for count and motility
8 Morphology assessment according to W.H.O & Kruger's strict criterion
9 Optional test like sperm chromatin assay, R.O.S estimation, estimation of zinc, anti-sperm antibodies, etc
10 Safety guidelines for andrology laboratory
11 Advanced tests like a hypo-osmotic swelling test, vital staining, and fructose estimation
12 Pre-assessment form
14 Patient selection & counseling
15 Introduction to ovulation, endocrinology of ovulation, and ovulation induction for IUI
16 Disorders of ovulation & managing PCOD
17 Thyroid & ovulation, prolactin & ovulation
18 Principle of cryopreservation
19 Practical on sperm cryopreservation
20 Setting up an IUI lab
21 Culture media, cannulas, and co2 incubators for IUI
22 Sperm banking
23 Assisted reproductive techniques
24 Post-assessment forms
25 Oocyte insemination monitoring techniques
26 Lab care and maintenance
27 Infertility – workup
28 Follicular monitoring
29 Semen washing technique
30 Interactive session with faculty, including case presentations & problem ethics cases
31 Ethics & documentation
32 Managing oligospermia
Module Live class
1 Sperm analysis-live
2 Practice handling of equipment, aseptic techniques, aliquoting of media
3 Demo on the handling of semen sample (count, motility etc)
4 Practice on the handling of semen sample using Maklers chamber
5 Hands-on monitoring of ovulation
6 Hands-on sperm washing
7 Practical demonstration of IUI
8 Hands-on IUI
9 Demonstration of ova aspiration & ICSI
10 Practice sperm preparation techniques (density gradient & swim-up methods)
11 Demo on sperm freezing and thawing techniques
12 Demo on sperm preparation techniques (density gradient & swim-up methods)
13 Live ultrasound monitoring of ovulation
14 Demonstration of sperm washing technique

Aim of the course

This module aims at providing basic to advanced knowledge in semiology and sperm preparation techniques. Hands-on guided training will help the candidate to understand and confidently perform the same.

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